A social network is a site with restricted access where each user has a profile. Members are related bilaterally or through groups. Some networks also offer more sophisticated features (messaging, content sharing and publishing ...) as well as the ability to host third party applications (platform). Examples: Facebook, Orkut, Friendster, Tagged ...

Social networks like we know them with Facebook and Twitter, trying to evolve in the years. With this diversity, several other social networks are created as Heello, Twitter's little brother.

Today, you can not miss out on social networks. Especially for entrepreneurs who want themselves to new customers and to be seen more to existing customers. Of course, Facebook and Twitter take much of the social networking market. + Google, meanwhile, made its place among the most popular.

By country and language, it is unthinkable that network users only use Facebook. Quite the contrary! Some networks stand out in their country of origin, particularly because of the language and the proximity of its users. China is a good example of its networks that have adapted to its culture and values.

Facebook and Twitter are not the only ones that radiate and on the web. Other networks who have their own way to draw their ahead of the game.